DevRel Awards 2024

Celebrating the best of developer relations, the DevRel Awards 2024 is now open to public nominations.

With award categories for DevRel, developer marketing, developer experience, and developer education, and more, we want to recognize and uplift the best of what we do. A jury of experts will select the winners from your nominations.

Join us at DevRelCon New York 2024 this July for the awards ceremony!

DevRelCon New York 2024 is hosted by Major League Hacking in association with Hoopy.

Nominations close April 30th 2024.

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DevRel Awards categories

Nominate the programs, teams, and individuals who made the biggest difference in developer relations during 2023.

Nominations close April 30th 2024.

Best DevRel Program Overall

Recognizing the developer relations program had the most impact in 2023.

Best DevRel Campaign

Awarding the most impactful developer relations campaign.

Best Developer Marketing Campaign

Highlighting outstanding marketing efforts targeted at developers.

Best New DevRel Program

Celebrating the best new program started in 2023.

Best Regional DevRel Program

Acknowledging the developer relations program with the most significant regional impact.

Best Developer Education Initiative

Recognizing excellence in developer education and learning resources.

Best Developer Experience

Awarding the program offering the best overall experience for developers.

Greatest Individual Contribution to DevRel

Honoring an individual who has made a significant impact in developer relations.

Make your nominations

DevRel Awards jury

The final winners of the DevRel Awards will be selected by a jury of industry experts. Want to join the jury? Get in touch.


Who runs the DevRel Awards?

Hoopy, the marketing agency for developer tools companies, has been running the DevRel Awards since the first installment in 2018.

Can I see winners from previous years?

We'll be adding winners from previous years to this site very soon.